Welcome to my blog! My husband and I moved to Scotland in July of 2018 with our two little dogs. I have started this blog as a way for me to track my journey, something to look back on someday. I compiled potential blog posts for over a year now to either keep privately or someday start a blog. As you will see, I went with the blog idea. This means you’ll see posts back dated to 2017, though I only officially started this webpage in September of 2018. Not only have I created this blog for me to track my own highs and lows, to remember what it was like arriving here, what we went through, but also to share my experiences with others who are preparing to move, already moved, or just dreaming of moving to another country and maybe something I post will be helpful. And of course, this is for any family or friends who are wondering what the hell I’m up to. Thank you in advance for visiting my blog and also for bearing with my long bouts of rambling and poor grammar (English is my first language but I kind of suck at it anyways).

I also have another blog at http://www.agilitydogblog.com but this is not likely to be of interest to those reading this blog (that blog is all my agility stuff). If you would like to contact me just leave a comment here and I’ll get in touch.