Moving to the UK or thinking of doing so? Check out this blog post where I provide a few links that might be helpful to those aspiring to move or to those who are currently preparing to make the move to the UK.

Need a little circus in your life? Aerial Edge offers an excellent variety of drop-in circus classes. Are you planning a trip to Glasgow? Why not drop in and give flying trapeze a try? AE is located in the West End and is easily accessible by the subway.

Moving with dogs? None of the food we fed our dogs in the states could be found in the UK. This was a huge problem for our pug who has a sensitive stomach. Cru Specialist Pet Shop, located in the West End of Glasgow, was a Godsend. If you feed raw, they also have the largest variety of raw food that I have seen in a pet store. Their link is below. I also highly recommend Fresco if you’re looking to order online. I used their dry raw food as well as their treats. Their service is also truly exceptional. Regarding moving pets to the UK, check out my “Links for the UK Bound” page (link at the top of this page) and the link to my post about our experience bringing our pups over (link just below).

Glasgow is a foodie’s paradise! There’s something for everyone! Here’s a link to my blog post where I note some of my favourite places. This will be a continued list in progress since I have so many more places to try.