Places to eat in Glasgow

Looking for a place to grab a bite in Glasgow? I’m keeping a list of the places I’ve tried and really enjoyed. I have a huge list of places to try still and will add any note worthy ones to this list as I go. Since I live in the West End you’ll notice many of these are in the West End and City Centre. The pubs/restaurants that are shown in red are places that I know for a fact are dog friendly, meaning that dogs can actually go inside and hang out with you at your table. If you have a favourite place that you think I should try let me know in the comments section and if I dig it I will add it here. Also, if you’re from out of town and are curious about a place I didn’t mention, feel free to mention it in the comments and if I’m able I will give it a try and report back. Alright, let’s get going here!

Topolabamba, located in City Centre, is my go-to place for Mexican food. Does it satisfy my hankering for the Americanized version of Mexican cuisine? Not really, but it’s still good. This is definitely a place to go with the intention of sharing dishes since most plates are smaller and meant for sharing.  Everything seems to have a nice kick to it, which I love, the food is spicey but not kiss the sun spicey. I will say that while the magaritas here are tasty they are pretty weak in terms of alcohol, so maybe opt for another beverage if you go here.

Platform at Argyle St Arches, located right across from Central Station, is my favourite place to eat when it’s sunny outside… because it is dark, cavernous and there are no windows in sight. This is a great dog friendly venue and has flea markets on certain weekends as well. There are several different street food vendors to choose from and the vendors can change out on any given weekend. There’s even a brewery in there. It’s hard to explain this place, just go to their FB page. They are only open Fri, Sat and Sun. If you’re only in Glasgow for a day, and it’s a day they’re open, it’s worth making this your lunch spot.

Gamba is another great restaurant in the City Centre if you have some extra cash to spend (we weren’t the ones paying when we went). It is definitely a higher end restaurant and I was hugely skeptical before going in because of this but I was thoroughly wowed. I’ve only gone once but plan on going back again. I had the sashimi and some sort of soup that was excellent. The table bread was delicious as well.

Masala Twist has a few locations, I’ve only been to the West End one. When I left Washington one of the things I knew I’d miss terribly was the incredible Indian buffet across the street. Anyone who knows me well knows I lose my mind for Indian buffets. I was very excited to discover this gem near us and I can only vouch for their buffet since that’s all I’ve gone there for. Absolutely delish!

The Crafty Pig is off Great Western Road in the West End and is an all-around fun, chill, dog friendly place to go get some good food and a pint. There are TVs everywhere, which I tend to hate, but somehow it manages not to bother me here. I tend to get their Southern Firebird sandwich every time I go because it’s damn good.  They also have BBQ and fried pickles if you so desire. I also love booths and they have quite a few booths here.

Inn Deep is another West End fixture located riverside, so you can dine outside overlooking the river or in any of the unique sitting areas inside (there’s this cave like area that opens up to the outside that I haven’t yet sat in but it looks cool). As I’ve mentioned previously, I love booths and there is no shortage of booths here. The food is a little pricey but I consider the cost fair considering what their overhead must be there and they are oh so dog friendly (welcome indoors and out). I like this place for its ambience and dog friendliness.

In Bloom is close to the St George’s Cross underground station in the West End. It’s a great little vegan café with amazing sandwiches and sweets, and of course they are dog friendly. As everything tends to be quite fresh you might notice some menu items aren’t available if you go later in the day. This seems like it could pose problems but it doesn’t really since you really can’t go wrong with their menu, so not getting your first choice isn’t the end of the world (disclaimer: this statement hasn’t been scientifically proven, this could one day prove to be the end of the world…).

Stack and Still in the City Centre is the place to go if you like you some pancakes. They have every possible pancake option you could imagine (including gluten free and vegan options) and a self-serve bar (beer, not spirits, of course). My only complaint is if you want extra syrup you’ll have to pay for it, and chances are you’ll want extra syrup… unless you’re some sort of weirdo with self-control… freak.

Paesano Pizza. People are impossible to please when it comes to pizza since each person tends to prefer a specific style. One place, located in the Centre and West End, that we kept hearing about was Paesano Pizza, so we had to try it. I really like the place since they offer up an anchovy and caper pizza, just for weirdos like myself, it’s wonderful. My friend who is a pizza snob came to visit and he hated it, so there ya go. The bottoms of the pizzas we’ve had there have been a little soggy, which was my friend’s issue with the place. I still think they’re good and if you like pizza you should give them a try, report back, let me know what you think. Go during off hours, otherwise it can be up to an hour and a half wait from what I’ve been told by numerous people.

University Café, oh the University Café! This place, located on Byers in the West End, has been around and in the same family for 100 years now. The food menu is ok, I’d recommend going when their chippy next door is open (The Uni Takeaway) and ordering from that menu (don’t worry, they’re both owned by the same people so this isn’t a weird thing to do). I believe the chippy is closed on Sundays. Ryan and I are huge fans of the haggis and chip roll that’s offered as a lunchtime special. The University Café has the best ice cream I have ever had in my life, IN MY LIFE! I just get a plain ole cup of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and I’m a happy camper. The University Café is a small café full of character and has even been featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

Adeel Tandoori is a pretty non-descript little takeaway at the south end of Maryhill Road. Honestly you might be a little sketched out by initial appearances, which can only mean you must try it, right? I can’t be the only one that feels this way. This is some of the best Indian food I’ve had here and we’ve gotten takeaway from Adeel’s more times than I can count. We usually get one of the set meals for two and end up with enough food to last us for two dinners. They open later in the day and are takeaway only, so if you’re looking for some great takeaway this is the place. There is a delivery option though we haven’t used it since we can get there in five minutes by foot.

Mother India Cafe has a few locations, the Argyle Street one is the one I’ve been to. You might have gathered by now that I have a weakness for Indian food. Glasgow has an abundance of wonderful Indian food and Mother India is no exception. This place is top notch in my opinion. The dishes are smaller and reasonably priced which is great for ordering several plates and sharing with friends.

Bread Meats Bread has a few locations, though I’ve only been to the one in the West End. This is a place that can get pretty crowded, so I recommend going during off hours if you can. They have a great menu with a great variety of burgers and chips/fries. I highly recommend them if you’re in Glasgow’s City Centre or the West End someday and looking for a decent lunch. We go here about every other week.



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