Eight Months in, Another Ramble

We’ve lived in Scotland almost eight months now, it really does feel like it’s been longer. Things are going well for the most part. I’m writing this mostly for the purposes of memory keeping, so pardon any rambling here.

I’m enjoying my job so far. Of course, I would love to do something more creative, something that allows me to dress like a slob on a daily basis, something where I can always have my dog at my side, but honestly this isn’t so bad. I really like the people I work with. There is our office and then another one in Aberdeen. Someone from the Aberdeen office called me the other day to introduce herself but said she also called because she wanted to hear my accent. I thought that was pretty adorable. The small law firm environment is a refreshing and welcome change from working for a very large law firm. There is no “us against them” mentality, you aren’t made to feel like your worth is low because you’re not an attorney, everyone treats each other like human beings. I also greatly appreciate that everyone in the office seems to have a great sense of humour.

On another note, I met TWO people from the U.S. today!!! I haven’t met anyone from the U.S. in the entire time I’ve been here… actually I just remembered that I briefly met two Americans at a clown cabaret that I went to several months back, but nobody other than from that one night. I met a lovely lady from Hawaii in my trapeze class today. She’s only visiting but I’m glad to have met her. After class she treated me to a wonderful meal at Mother India Cafe and we had such a wonderful time. The food was amazing and I really enjoyed our time together. Shortly after that I went over to Lois Café to meet up with an American who posted this morning in one of the FB groups I’m in. Her post had asked if anyone in Glasgow would be up for meeting up for coffee. She was great and we had a nice time drinking tea and getting to know each other. She doesn’t live very far from me so I do anticipate that we’ll stay in touch. I feel so blessed to have had those hangouts today, in part because I can’t remember the last time I went out for a meal or a drink with another woman one on one… yes, I can actually, it was eight months ago. Today’s hangouts were truly unexpected and very uplifting to my spirit.

I’m still doing dog agility and am gearing up for competition season. By “gearing up” I mean I’m doing absolutely nothing other than our usual once a week practise but I’m looking forward to competing again nonetheless. I’m also still taking trapeze classes and I have added trampolining into the mix. I have a post about that going up soon.

The husband is still job searching. We’re just trusting for things to come together at this point. Very soon here we will be dipping into the last reserves of savings that we have available to us, there is not a single penny more to our names after that’s gone. As things stand, we have roughly eight or nine months for jobs to fall into place. Currently my job is part time with the possibility of it going full time later in the year. We will both need to have full time employment in order for us to be able to continue living here, otherwise we’ll be shipping our butts back to the U.S. I do believe things are going to work out still, I really do, though if everything were to fall apart and we had to return to the U.S. I still wouldn’t regret taking this risk. It’s been an overwhelming experience in the best and worst of ways and I’m so grateful for it. Also, we don’t know what effects Brexit will have on the economy here, how that will affect our lives here. We picked an odd time to move here but, again, no regrets.

The weather has been amazing! I hear this has been one of the milder winters Scotland has had. It really hasn’t rained much in the last few months and the last few weeks have been fairly warm, or warm to me anyways. My favorite days are the overcast and warmer ones, the temperature feels like a cool summer night to me and sometimes if there was a light rain it smells amazing. Heavenly.

Tomorrow we will head over to Edinburgh to visit a friend who is having a get together to show some of her newest artwork. I’m excited for that. She was actually our Airbnb host for the first month we were here so it will be cool going back to our first home in Scotland. We accidently killed her houseplant and she still keeps us around (I felt so terrible about that but she was so sweet about it). Of course, it’s always lovely going to Edinburgh as well. I love that city so very much.

Ramble concluded.

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