Our Last Week in the U.S.

This is the week. We fly out this Saturday. It’s still pretty surreal. While I have a firm peace that all will work out, and it really has so far, my natural biological response to all of this has left me on edge. I’m not sleeping well, there’s so much to do and of course we have so much ahead of us to sort out when we arrive in Scotland.

Our boxes (22 in all) shipped out last Wednesday. We’ll see them again in eight to twelve weeks. We did pretty well in slimming down our belongings. The husband shipped a few boxes of stuff he needs once we get to Scotland and those got caught up in customs but that has been resolved after some back and forth and now those packages have officially made it to their destination. Today we sold our cars. We really liked our cars and it was a little sad to let them go but we received a more than fair amount for them and we’re both quite happy about that. Also, I have spent about five to six hours this week getting the dogs ready to ship. Thankfully we now have their USDA certified health certificate in hand.

For our last week we are living with family. It has been so nice. I really think it’s helped having my mom near and I’m so grateful for this time with family before leaving. I don’t anticipate missing more than maybe a handful of things about the U.S. and my family will be first among those things. The idea of not seeing them for a few years is a bit heart wrenching but this is what we have to do.

One thing I would recommend to couples moving abroad is planning out your last week before you leave the country. My husband and I have been winging it and often finding ourselves at odds over what to. We are currently borrowing my mom’s car which means we kind of need to agree on what to do. There’s my random advice.

At this point we have most of the paperwork we need and all the large bills have been paid. I think I will get on the plane and truly feel I have tied up all loose ends before leaving the country. The laptop I’m typing this on is in shambles (screen is falling off, the “A” button barely works, and so on), so on Friday I’ll be wiping it clean and recycling it. Hopefully I get a new laptop quickly and can resume this blogging thing.


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