Visiting the US!

Before moving to Scotland I had pretty much resolved to not return to visit the US for a few years after our move. I figured it wouldn’t make financial sense and it’d be too difficult since I knew it’d take a while to sort our lives out here and wasn’t sure how a visit would fit into that. Over the last few months I have been playing with the idea of returning to the US for a short visit and I have now officially decided that I’m going back. The other day I booked my flights and now I’m out of my mind with excitement about it.

I’m only going back for a very short visit in November and my husband will be staying here with the dogs, so I won’t be wandering around visiting people while I’m back. I’m looking forward to spending the time with my family. I never imagined I’d be so excited to go back. I’m mostly excited to see my family but also very interested to see what the US looks like to me after a year and a half of being away. What will it feel like to not be the one with the accent that stands out? I’ll be surrounded by people who sound like me!

I’m part of a FB group that’s for American women in the UK and I see so many posts about people visiting the US and bringing back luggage packed full of stuff from the US that they can’t get here. I love seeing those posts and enjoy seeing how excited it makes them. I was thinking to myself that maybe I should bring an empty checked bag with me to the US to do something similar but then I couldn’t think of anything I want from there that I can’t get here, or at least not a checked bag full of stuff. In seeing the items that others tend to bring back from the US I’ve either found most of those items here since I live in the city and we’re not short of options or the items are just things I’ve never cared for in the first place. I have decided I’m going to go jeans shopping though. There’s plenty of great clothing options here in Glasgow; however, I know what brands in the US work for me and where to get them, so just getting my jeans in the US will save me the hassle of going store to store in Glasgow trying to find what works. I’ve also had a hard time finding cute graphic tees and fun socks here in the UK, so I’ll be keeping an eye out while in the US. I’m sure I’ll think of a few other things to bring back but I’m only planning on bringing my usual travel duffel bag as a carry on for now.

I’m so excited to eat my mom’s homecooked meals! I’m excited to see how the U.S. feels after being away for a little bit. I’m excited to eat at a Mexican restaurant!!! There is some Mexican food in Glasgow; however, while it’s good it’s definitely not what we get in the US. I’m going to buy unsweetened iced tea from a store!!! You know, I went out of my way to go to a Starbucks today for the first time since moving here because that was the only place I knew of that sold iced tea and… nope, no, bad UK, shame on you and your lukewarm iced tea with two ice cubes melting in it!!! I’m also going to buy some Neuro drinks (Sonic and Sleep) and drink the heck outta them while I’m there. I’m just really excited and not sure how I’m going to contain that excitement for another six months. GYAH!!!

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