Another Summer Down

Another summer has come and gone. Autumn came on much more suddenly than I recall from last year. It’s nice in many ways. The light and the air shift in such a way that things feel a little more magical and cozier which means it’s time for warm clothing, dog pjs, blankets and comfort food. This summer was much wetter than last summer and it seems to be carrying into autumn. I don’t really mind it. And it must be time for our US people to start planning their trips here for next year. We’re already booked up for May. LOL!

Recently we stayed a few nights in Pitlochry. It was a much needed getaway with two of our good friends, essentially our Scottish family. We went to the Enchanted Forest, which I highly recommend. It’s an event that occurs every October. You get bussed into the forest and wander around exploring amazing displays of light and sound and art skillfully placed throughout the forest and in the water. I loved it! Ryan and I had our first ever visit to a whisky distillery and really enjoyed that. We went to the Glenturret distillery and if you could only visit one in the area I would recommend that one since they do things in a very traditional way rather than being taken over by stainless steel everything. We did a lot of exploring and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I’m including a few pics from the trip in this post.

Now we are back to real life and as usual things are up in the air and we’re waiting to see what our next move is. We applied for a flat a month ago and are still waiting for a response. One thing I miss about the USA is things were much more expedient. Nothing happens quickly here it seems. I might have an additional work contract with a former colleague of mine. It would be great if that works out. I’d really enjoy working with her again and doing some of the same kind of work that I was doing before arriving here. Of course, the extra income would be a HUGE help as well.

Over this last weekend the husband and I went to see Still Game Live at the SSE Hydro. Still Game is my favourite tv show ever, I love it! Our seats were front row center, so the cast was only a few feet away from us. Still Game is available on Netflix, give it a watch. You’ll be glad you did if you ever visit Scotland someday. On Sunday I went to a meetup organized by a member of a FB group I’m in. We were the only two that showed up but we still had a nice time. There’s a bigger meetup at the end of this month that I plan on going to as well. I rarely run into Americans here, so it’s kind of nice going to these meetups (a year ago I’d of been shocked to hear myself say that). Then to cap off the weekend I shared a flying trapeze lesson with two wonderful woman, one of which I haven’t seen in a while and unfortunately won’t see for a while more, unless I get over to Australia at some point soon.

I’m currently going into self-preservation mode as we head into autumn and winter. I know things can go dark for me, not because it’s dark or gloomy, but because things seem to slow down and I’m left alone with my mind for longer bouts of time. This summer felt fairly busy yet fun, mostly thanks to competing a lot and having several guests from the US, but after this weekend there isn’t much in the books. I’ll attempt to indulge my creativity more (I have very specific art supplies I need but am having a hell of a time finding them). I’m going to attempt to connect with others through my local fb group more. We’re also working on setting up regular movie nights with a few other people. Last winter was rough and I’m just trying to ensure this one is a bit better. I don’t have the funds to practise trapeze as much as I’d like (boooooo!) but an opportunity for me to practise cradle more regularly has come up and that costs significantly less than other classes.

All in all things have been good. I’m in disbelief that we’ve been here this long already. I’m glad we’re still here. I still get the urge to run back to the US on occasion but if I were there I’d only want to run back to Scotland… Why am I like this?! There’s so much that I love about the US (of course there’s a lot I don’t love but that’s pretty normal for anywhere) but our home is here, even though it’s difficult at times this is indeed our home. That said, I am so very excited to visit the US next month! It will be a very short visit but I’m so excited…. like so so so very excited!

Ok, more random blog posts to come later. I have a few random things, more specific topics, to blog about and I just need to get on with it already. I’m terrible at this. Alright, bye for now.😊


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