Latest Obsessions (the fun stuff)

I struggle a little bit with the direction of this blog and what I want to focus on. Do I want it to be focused towards providing info that might be useful to other potential expats, or do I just randomly blog about whatever? I’ve decided to do both and this will be my random whatever post. I’m going to ramble about what I’ve been most excited about lately. It’s the small things that feel significant in these times.

I have a terrible addiction to aerials, primarily the trapeze. About seven years ago I started aerials and it was something I could never imagine giving up… until we moved out of the city about two years later and basically the logistics of everything made it too difficult to continue classes. I have literally, yes literally, dreamt of returning to aerials ever since. It’s been about six years since I stopped aerials, so imagine my excitement when I learned that we’d be moving within walking distance of two aerial studios. I booked the classes before we even arrived in Glasgow.

I am currently taking a beginner level course twice weekly at the aerial place (Spinal Chord) closest to us. This class covers the basics for aerial silks, the rope and trapeze. I do enjoy learning the silks and rope but I honestly can’t wait until the trapeze portion of class every time I go. I don’t know what it is about the trapeze, I really don’t, but I just love it. Maybe it reminds me of the bars from when I was a young gymnast, I don’t know. While I don’t enjoy the rope and silks nearly as much as the trapeze, I do still like learning on them because they build muscle and help develop strength that will assist me on the trapeze. The classes are fun, the instructors are great, and all and all I feel awesome every time I leave class. It’s my therapy. It doesn’t get any better, right? Wrong! Guess what I just tried? Flying trapeze!!!!

I was checking out the other aerial studio’s (Aerial Edge) website to see what classes they offer and I learned that they have a full flying trapeze rig and I immediately knew I had to try it. I’ve only ever done static trapeze, so this looked like a fun new challenge. I showed up last Saturday and my jaw about dropped when I saw the facility, it was aerial heaven. The flying trapeze rig was much bigger and the platform much higher than I had anticipated. I am terrified of heights, but I take pleasure in confronting that fear, so I was thrilled and terrified as I waited for my turn to climb the ladder and take the swing.

Oh, let me tell you, I am so addicted to flying trapeze already and I’ve only had one class. I’m booking a private lesson for this week since their next drop in class is full (lesson learned, schedule far in advance) and will be continuing to take weekly classes for this. So now I’ll have three aerial classes each week… that’s kind of dumb of me since it’s pretty hard on the body and my body is still gaining strength back, but right now it’s my therapy. I may eventually switch to two aerial classes and one flexibility/conditioning class in effort to avoid injury from overdoing it. I love aerials and when I’m horribly stressed or feeling down I can count on feeling really good during and after class. This move has been stressful and at times things feel really overwhelming, so I’m allowing myself to go a little aerial crazy here. Not only does it feel great but it also gets me out of the flat and interacting with other human beings, which is important.

You know what else I love? Dog agility. I competed in dog agility with my pup for about two years back in the states. I even have an agility blog that I’ve not kept up with ( I was part of a wonderful agility community back in the Seattle area and it was heart breaking leaving it, and I was worried it would be a while before I could return to agility. It’s going to be a long time before we have a car and you generally need a car to get out to where agility practices and competitions are held. I joined a Scottish agility FB group and in a post I asked if there happened to be any practices held within a reasonable bus or train ride away, research had shown me there wasn’t but I thought it’d be worth double checking. Somebody responded indicating she lived in the same area as I and that I could tag along with her to practice. I couldn’t believe it! That was such a generous offer from a complete stranger and I took her up on it.

I have now joined an agility club and am getting a ride each week from the woman who initially offered to take me there (she is awesome and I just still can’t believe the kindness of letting me tag along). Chewbacca, my dog, is out of his mind for agility and he has been having the time of his life and I have really been enjoying it as well. The people are wonderful and it’s another fun activity that I get to do that gets me out of the house and around other human beings and their furry ones. Getting to see Chewie have such a great time again makes me so damn happy. I’m doubtful we’ll ever return to doing agility like we were back in the states (competing most weekends, practicing two to three nights some weeks, etc.), but that’s ok. I’m grateful for the one evening a week that we have.

These are the things that keep me going at the moment. This move has been incredibly difficult and at times, since moving to Glasgow, I have felt painfully isolated but I can say I’m feeling quite a bit better since I have added these things back into my life. I’m feeling more like I am actually existing in this city, less like a ghost (I’ll elaborate on that another time). I don’t know how long we’ll be in Glasgow, it really depends on where we end up landing jobs, but I do hope we stay here for a few years at least. I’m really enjoying all that the city has to offer and will blog about other things I’ve discovered, enjoyed, or not enjoyed as we go along here. That’s all for now!

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