Three Months in

It’s hard to believe that we have been here three months. We have crammed a lot into those three months. If I think about it, it actually feels like we’ve been here longer. It’s been such a journey, it doesn’t seem possible that all of this stuff has occurred in the time frame of only three months.

The husband and I finally went and registered with a GP (General Practitioner). You can’t just call up any GP’s office for an appointment, you have to select from GPs that serve your particular postcode. I’ll give a quick rundown of how that went. I found a place with good reviews, called for a registration appointment and got the appointment for two weeks out. Upon checking in, we had to provide proof that we were eligible for NHS care (proof of payment of the NHS surcharge sufficed), as well as ID and proof of address (we brought our lease and council tax bill). Ryan and I had our registration appointment together, it was timely and we were in and out within 15 minutes. Upon completion of registration I booked an appointment with one of the GPs so I could sort out my prescriptions here. I was seen a few days later, the doctor was lovely, my prescriptions are all sorted out, I have no complaints. It was an odd feeling not paying anything at the appointment and not paying anything for my prescriptions. Anyways, it was all a very positive experience.

While Ryan and I were doing things separately last weekend, we both had a wonderful weekend. Ryan went hiking on Sunday with our friend, Neil, up north at The Cobbler (Ben Arthur). It was so cold and windy towards the top that Ryan’s Snickers bar froze and his phone shut down. He had a good time and was quite sore for a few days after. As for me, on Saturday I attended another flying trapeze class. Have I mentioned how much I love flying trapeze? Then on Sunday Chewie and I attended an agility fun run where Chewbacca and I got to compete on some fun agility courses. Chewie did well and we had such a great time. We really enjoyed hanging out with so many fabulous people, eating good food and, of course, running around the courses. I was absolutely shocked at the end of the day when Chewie got first place for three of the four courses and second for the other. After all that excitement it was time to head home to our next bit of fun.

Our stuff arrived from the U.S.!!!! It arrived Sunday evening and we were so happy to dig into it and pull out our warm blankets, clothing and many other things. I shipped so many more blankets than I remembered shipping. I have not been cold a single night since Sunday. I’m going to do a post at some point about what we shipped, things I wish we had shipped and things that we did ship and can’t figure out why (spoiler: I don’t regret bringing my rock collection). We were also elated upon the realization that not a single thing was damaged during shipping. Yay!

We moved into our flat on the 13th of August and at this very moment the only furniture we have is our bed, a crappy desk, an office chair and a chest of drawers that I just received and assembled today. That’s it, our living room / lounge has been empty this entire time. Tomorrow we will receive a couch, tv stand (though we don’t have a tv), chair, foot stool and a bookshelf (all from Ikea). This is very exciting!!! We will actually be able to hang out in our living room and can even have company over. We still need a dining table, baby steps.

We are both starting to get a little nervous as our savings has rapidly dwindled. We’re not looking at being homeless or anything at this point but it’s time for me to kickstart my job hunt. Ryan is currently neck deep in a film that he’s doing sound design for, so that will be good for pulling in some income but that ends later this month. I’m casually looking for work at the moment. By casually looking I mean that I’m looking for jobs that I think I might enjoy a little, that are located in Glasgow. If I don’t find something within the next month or two I will have to consider jobs I might not like but that will get us by and will expand my search to Edinburgh. I’ll keep yall posted.

I’m currently working on a few blog posts at the moment. I’m attempting to wrap up a post about our nightmarish flat hunting experience, which is a little draining to write about. This coming weekend I’m attending a flying trapeze intensive that I’m super excited for and I’m sure I’ll have to post about that (I did mention how much I love flying trapeze, didn’t I?). At some point I hope to finish a post about some of the cultural differences between Scotland and the U.S., but that one has been taking forever to complete. I’d like to do that soonish since the differences are becoming blurred at this point and I want to write some of them down before I forget. Oh Lord, and I actually wrote a post about Outlander. Yeah, it’s true, I did that. I usually only post once a week but will throw that in as a midweek post (so two posts over the next week).

Just a quick thank you to anyone reading this! While I started this blog to act as a sort of memory bank for myself I am so thankful that some of you have enjoyed following along with me on this journey. While things are a bit hectic at the moment I am anticipating finding time to sit down, have a cuppa, and explore other blogs, so if you have a recommendation please share it. Ok, until next time. 😊

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