Lockdown – Week… whatever

Lockdown has just been extended for another three weeks and I think most of us know it will go on longer than that. I went to two grocery stores this morning. Tesco had more people than usual (it’s a pretty small store) and nobody there understood the concept of personal space, so I grabbed a few things and got out. Then I figured I’d try Marks & Spencer and they were surprisingly crowded as well. While it’s extremely disappointing that these stores weren’t limiting the number of people in them, I will say the M&S crowd had a better sense of space and in general that was a much more successful trip. I’m not sure what the deal is today but everyone and their brother are out and about. Usually I can avoid people when I take the dogs out for a quick potty in the afternoon but that was impossible today. It was busier out there than pre-lockdown. Fortunately, I got in a nice little 20 to 30 minute walk with Chewie early this morning, before it got too crazy out there. I snapped the featured photo for this post while I was out. I’ll never fail to be in awe of the cathedrals around here.

The stock in the stores is looking good. I recently learned that many stores were able to restock fairly quickly due to an existing Brexit stockpile. Oddly enough that hasn’t been widely publicized. People have also knocked off the panic buying and that has allowed shelves to stay stocked. I went to the store today to resupply and also because I was getting stressed out last night and this morning at the thought of having to cook one more meal. Apparently my husband was feeling the exact same thing. So we have pizza to throw in the oven tonight, nothing fancy but we don’t have to think about it. We’ve both split making meals over the last month and we’re just burned out. Once pubs reopen I’m never eating a home cooked meal again. Just kidding… or am I?

This last week has been hard. We had four vet visits over three days with our old dog, Yoda. He’s in a lot of pain and we can’t figure out what’s going on. He will only eat liquid food at this point. If he’s still struggling come next week the vet will sedate him and x-ray him. If that doesn’t reveal anything we may be looking at saying “goodbye” to our wee boy if we can’t successfully manage his pain. The vet at our local clinic looks so exhausted, he is exhausted, yet he’s been so good to us. He clearly loves animals and they love him right back. They are working so hard at that clinic and their phones are ringing nonstop. Their supplies seem to be low which is probably a problem across the board right now. Bless them, I am so grateful for them.

I try not to think too much about the state of the world at the moment, as it’s too overwhelming, crushing really. I must take things one day at a time. We attend online events but it’s just not the same as having the energy of your friends in the same room with you. It’s still surreal seeing our streets lined with closed businesses and seeing posters up or ads on busses for events that won’t be happening. I don’t really like this world.

I think this is about all I can manage for a blog post this week. I think all the health issues with Yoda have just worn me down and I don’t have much mental energy to spare at this time. Let’s see what next week brings, shall we?

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